We’ve added this very special page so that all of our customers and potential new clients can see just how easy it is to add a new listing on to the Nottingham Shine website.

First off, you’ll need to LOGON by clicking onto the MY ACCOUNT link on the main menu which will take you to this window –


snip 1


…where you can either register for an account, or fill in your email and password if you’ve already got one.



Click onto the ADD LISTING link on the main menu –


snip 2


…when you will be taken to a new page where you can add your listing.

You will be adding a NEW PLACE and need to fill in your PLACE TITLE (your business name), your PLACE DESCRIPTION (a brief – or not so brief – explanation of what your business offers), one or more CATEGORIES (that best describes your business) and your ADDRESS and POSTCODE. If your business category is not listed, then contact us at admin@nottinghamshine.com when we will add it straight away.

You can also add a number of TAG KEYWORDS if you wanted, but this step is not required.


Now comes the magical bit – if you correctly added your business name, address and postcode, you can go straight down to the next section and click onto SET ADDRESS ON MAP –


snip 3


…when the search function will kick in and place a marker exactly where your business is.

You can then add your BUSINESS HOURS, your PHONE NUMBER and your EMAIL ADDRESS (all non-required but we recommend that you add them) for customers to get in touch with you directly.

Then if you have them, you can also add your WEBSITE, your TWITTER account and your FACEBOOK account so that customers can follow you online.

You can also add a VIDEO and any SPECIAL OFFERS you might have to keep people in the loop.

Finally we come to your images –


snip 4

…where it’s just a case of clicking onto the SELECT FILES link and uploading your images into your listing.

A quick word of warning here though – you will no doubt have noticed that Nottingham Shine relies heavily on your images for user experience, in that there is a huge image at the top of the page as an introduction. Please bear in mind that the FIRST IMAGE IN YOUR LIST will be showcased at the top of your page, and any others will be shown in the photo gallery (along with your first image). If you find that you uploaded your images in the wrong order, you can simply drag and drop individual images until the desired effect is achieved.

From there, it’s just a case of accepting the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and REVIEWING YOUR LISTING, which will take you to one final page.


On the review listing page, you will be met with something like this –


snip 5


…which will ask you if you’re happy with how your listing looks. Go through it carefully and make sure that all your information is correct. If it’s not, then you can click the GO BACK link, but if you followed this little tutorial, and you’re happy with how it all looks, you can click onto the PUBLISH link.

It will then be just a short wait while we put it online from our end.

Congratulations! You just added a new listing onto Nottingham Shine!